Don’t worry, your WhatsApp account is secure

The IT ministry has announced good news for consumers, saying the change in WhatsApp policy will not affect non-business and individual accounts.

A statement issued by the Ministry of Information Technology said that WhatsApp privacy change is only for business accounts.

The statement said that the new measures will not affect non-business, regular, and individual profile accounts, social media platforms should take care of the privacy of Pakistani citizens.

Ministry of IT officials added that Facebook’s explanation and the current situation monitor

Earlier in the day, Facebook Public Policy Manager Sahar Tariq denied rumors about WhatsApp while talking about the program New Day on Wednesday. He said WhatsApp messages or call logs would not be kept and contact details would not be shared with Facebook.

Sahar Tariq said that Facebook’s policy since 2016 is still the same, the terms of service have not changed. He added that the user’s private messages are encrypted.

He said the new terms of service would apply to business accounts and consumers should not hesitate to acknowledge it. He further clarified that consumers think that now your messages or credit card number or financial data will be shared but this idea is wrong.

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