The United States has unveiled its plan against China

The United States has unveiled plans to stem China’s rise in Asia.
According to an Al Jazeera report, in new documents released, the United States says it wants to halt China’s economic activity, accelerate India’s rise and help Taiwan recover from oppression.

The Donald Trump administration has unveiled its strategy to ensure its superiority over China, with a special focus on two factors: ensuring India’s superiority over China and Taiwan’s. This includes providing protection in the event of a Chinese attack.

US National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien announced the release of the document on Tuesday, entitled The United States Strategic Framework for the Indo-Pacific.

Robert O’Brien said it was approved by US President Donald Trump in February 2018, outlining a strategy for US action over the past three years, and now aims to make it public in the Indo-Pacific region. The United States is committed to maintaining that.

The National Security Adviser said that in line with the vision and goal of the Chinese Communist Party, China is increasing pressure to subjugate the independence and sovereignty of Asian countries. He added that the US had a different point of view and wanted to ensure that its allies, who wanted an independent Indo-Pacific, could maintain their sovereignty.

The US document outlines goals for the region that would not allow North Korea to pose a threat to the region, India will dominate South Asian countries, and the United States will be a global ally of Chinese activities undermining its sovereignty. The country will resist. According to the document, China will take extreme measures to annex Taiwan. The document warns that technologies such as China’s artificial intelligence pose a serious threat to free societies.

The document, released just a week before President-elect Joe Biden took office, raises questions about its purpose, but the Trump administration’s move to block China has the support of both parties. ۔ Fellow US President Joe Biden’s fellow officials have also stressed the need for the country to work with allies and partners against China, a key part of the US strategy, which includes its relations with India, Japan and Australia. Improving is exclusively involved.

Rory McDelf, head of the Australian National University’s College of National Security, said the document showed US policy toward Asia was aimed at encouraging its allies and ousting China. He added that if the United States is serious about its long-term competition, it will have to take simultaneous steps to keep its internal affairs in order and increase its power in the region. Will not prove

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