Los Angeles (Web Desk) Smartwatch has been used in many ways for health and medicine. Now, smartwatches can also be used to find out what and how much medicine is present in the body. Experts from the Samuel School of Engineering at the University of California, Los Angeles, and Stanford University have said that smartwatches are present in many ways in human sweat. The drug can be evaluated immediately by identifying the chemical

And on this basis, each patient can be better treated according to his or her mood. This research is published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. At present, we give the same medication to each patient and Totally ignore the mood and physical conditions. They ignore the patient’s other ailments, weight, age and other conditions. That is why our body’s chemistry is constantly changing. This is why the patient has to undergo frequent blood tests to determine the effect of a particular medication

Experts have developed a smartwatch that can identify the chemical in the body by periodically testing the sweat. This can help determine the amount and duration of medication for the patient. Experimentally, SmartWatch has been able to determine the amount of acetaminophen, a popular painkiller in the body. For this, a light current was run in the sweat and the molecules hidden in it were found. Thus, it is now possible to know the amount of medicine in the body with a smartwatch. But a lot of sweat for exercise

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