Health – Pakistani Hospital filled with Corona patients, Pakistan Medical Association

Health, This was stated by Sajjad Qaiser, Secretary-General, Pakistan Medical Association on Sunday. He said that the situation in the hospitals was getting more and more critical and the number of new cases of the corona was increasing day by day.

Sajjad Qaiser also said that the patients admitted to the hospitals are in critical condition due to coronavirus and beds are not available for them. “If a new patient is lucky, he gets a bed, otherwise he can get a bed only if he is discharged,” he said.

In addition to hospital beds, there is a shortage of ventilators and oxygen cylinders. These items play a key role in saving the lives of patients infected with the coronavirus.

Seven killed in Peshawar hospital

Seven patients infected with the coronavirus died last night at a Peshawar hospital due to a shortage of oxygen.

Khyber Teaching Hospital spokesman Farhad Khan said the supply was being brought from Rawalpindi to refill the medical oxygen tank, but the patients could not be rescued due to untimely delivery.

Provincial Health Minister Timur Khan Jhagra wrote in a Twitter message that the hospital’s board of governors would complete an investigation into the incident within 48 hours and the results would be made public.

In the second wave, the virus spread rapidly

Since December 2, the number of new infections of the virus in Pakistan has been more than 3,000 daily. In the last 24 hours, 58 people have died from the coronavirus.

It is also important to note that corona testing rates are still very low in the country. According to official figures, more than 41,000 tests were performed in the past 24 hours. In Pakistan, on average, only 25,840 tests were performed per one million population, compared to more than 100,000 in India.

So far, a total of 416,499 cases and 8,361 deaths from the coronavirus have been recorded in Pakistan.

Health – Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: Seven patients die due to lack of oxygen

Peshawar –

Seven patients infected with the coronavirus died due to lack of oxygen at the Khyber Teaching Hospital, one of the three major hospitals in Peshawar, the capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Confirming the deaths, the hospital administration said the incident took place between Saturday and Sunday night.

A hospital spokesman told the media that the coronavirus patients could not be restored to a steady supply of oxygen, which led to their deaths.

It is also being reported that patients in other wards of Khyber Teaching Hospital have also been affected due to lack of oxygen.

Khyber Teaching Hospital spokesman Farhad Khan said that oxygen was being supplied to the hospital from nearby city Rawalpindi and oxygen cylinders from Rawalpindi could not reach on time due to which this tragic incident took place.

The spokesman said that due to cold, patients need more oxygen. According to him, information about the delay of the oxygen cylinder is also being obtained.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Health Minister Timur Saleem Jhagra has taken stern notice of the incident in an official statement and ordered the concerned authorities to investigate immediately.

People from various political and social circles in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are also expressing outrage over the killings on social networking sites.

Twitter user Muhammad Idrees said in a tweet that Prime Minister Imran Khan should take immediate action against Timur Jhagra.

Journalist Omar Qureshi said in a tweet about the killings that the ministers would just start saying, “Nothing like that has happened.”

Advocate Sangeen Khan said in a tweet that oxygen supply was a major cause of deaths in Peshawar and this was the first time it had been reported in the media.

Health – Entering the Corona High-Level Transmission Phase, medical experts issued an emergency alert

ISLAMABAD (Monitoring Desk) Corona enters high-level transmission phase, medical experts issue emergency alert … US Center for Disease Control (CDC) has warned that the United States should enter Corona high-level transmission phase. Has done According to epidemiologist Dr. Anthony Fauchi, January will be very dangerous for Corona

The CDC has issued new precautionary measures against Corona, instructing people to wear masks during all indoor activities. Issued due to cases and deaths. According to US media, 2,500 deaths occurred in a single day while 225,000 new cases came to light.

Health – If you eat potato chips, give it up immediately because of this cancer … The hidden causes of the deadly disease cancer that you are unaware of

Infectious cancer is one of the deadliest diseases in the world, with a more advanced cancer diagnosis and treatment facilities available than ever before. Despite this, the rate of its spread all over the world, including Pakistan, is increasing rapidly It is said that precaution is necessary to avoid and get rid of a contagious disease like cancer and there is no doubt that people take precautions to protect themselves from this deadly disease. Research has shown that there are some causes of cancer that do not seem healthy and deadly to us, but in fact, they can be very dangerous for us and can cause cancer.

1- Washing soap and surf

Washing soap and surfboard is used in almost every home. It seems to be a good thing that cleans our clothes, but very few people know that it can cause cancer because it The presence of a dangerous chemical called ‘1,4-dioxin’ not only removes stains and dirt but also leaves toxic substances on the clothes which can cause cancer.

U.S. scientists say laundry detergent and surf have not been linked to cancer, but a study has found that surf can cause cancer in rats’ livers and noses. Similarly, they can be harmful to the human body.

The best way to avoid this is to use soaps or surfs that do not contain hazardous chemicals.

2- Potato chips, double bread and other chips

Potato chips, double bread and other prepared chips are also a major cause of cancer. According to a research, high heat is used to make potato chips, double bread or other chips, when potatoes or any. If the other thing is cooked over a high heat, the chemicals in it combine with other dangerous chemicals in the pot to form a deadly substance that greatly increases the risk of cancer.

The way to avoid this is to cook potato chips, double bread and other chips on low heat and only for a short time.

3- Foam glass

According to an American scientist, foam glasses are made of strain, and it forms a chemical that destroys human DNA.

The way to avoid this is to keep away from all kinds of ‘strains’ such as coffee cups and their courses, and do not heat the food in these boxes at all.

4- Brown rice

Research by US scientists has revealed that some brands of brown rice use toxic ingredients in their rice, which is not good for our body system. When the cells are damaged, the DNA does not work properly again and this is the cause of cancer. The best way to take precautions is to water the rice well before you make brown rice Wash with

Health – What is the most common food item that causes many deaths? Learn

There was a time when heart attack and valvular disease used to occur in middle age or old age but now this disease is increasing in young people.

The heart is the most important part of the human body that supplies blood throughout the body.

Eating unhealthy foods on a daily basis can add to the burden, although it is well known that a high-fat diet can increase blood cholesterol levels, causing the arteries to constrict and the heart to perform its functions. Seems to be unable to.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), various vegetable, animal-derived trans fats and fats in coking oil and ghee are dangerous to human health, leading to many diseases, including heart disease. ۔

But do you know which foods are destructive to the heart? If not here’s a new product just for you!

1- Pizza

Pizza can be good for health if cooked properly, but most pizzas available on the market are high in salt, fat and calories, all of which increase the risk of heart attack.

2- French fries

These chips made in oil are delicious but they contain a lot of fat and salt which are harmful to the heart. One study found that people who ate more french fries had a higher risk of dying early from a heart attack.

3- Fried chicken

Like french fries, deep fried chicken is also deep-fried, which increases the amount of calories, fat and salt in it, the disadvantages of which have been listed above. And the risks of high blood pressure have been identified as an increased risk of heart failure.

4- Chips

Children love to eat chips, but did you know that chips made by bakeries or companies can cause obesity, which can lead to high levels of fat?

5- Red meat

Not that you should not eat beef or goat meat, but too much of it increases the risk of heart disease and diabetes, due to the high amount of fat in it which raises cholesterol levels, so enjoy red meat. Avoid overeating, but prefer lean meats.

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