Google announces new security alert system

That’s why Google has now introduced a new in-app security alert feature to protect Google accounts.

Under this feature, when Google detects a security issue with the account, such as when someone logs in from an unknown device, the app will display an alert, with a red on the profile picture! Will be made

When you click on it, you will see the security issue warning and you will be asked to fix it.

According to Google, the advantage of this new system is that the user will be convinced that it came from Google and not from anyone else, as is the case with emails.

Photos courtesy of Google

According to Google, the new feature will be available to a limited number of users in the coming weeks and will be introduced to all users sometime early next year.

Google is also introducing a guest mode for Google Assistant that will not be saved in the account when instructed to turn it on by voice command.

In a way, this is Google Now’s incognito mode, which will be available in the coming weeks.

Google has also announced that users will soon be able to edit location history data in the timeline.

Note that yesterday, Google introduced a new password tool for smartphone users, Chrome users.

This feature was earlier available in computers but now it has been introduced for smartphones as well. This feature will send usernames and passwords to Google servers to check if they have been hacked by any hackers.

This feature will send usernames and passwords to Google servers to check if hackers have been involved in data hacking.

Google itself will not be able to see the user’s username or password, but will only be able to check that it does not match the details obtained by hackers.

Google Password Check for smartphones was introduced on October 6 with Chrome 86 and will work only when the user has stored their passwords in Chrome.

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