Eat a protein-rich diet and boost your body’s strength – Medical experts’ opinion of Corona

Corona virus In Pakistan, the number of people killed by the Corona virus is increasing day by day. There are also a lot of questions that arise, and because of this, for many people the separation of real information from the current rumors and home-breaking has become a headache.

Dr. Faisal Mehmood, an epidemiologist at Aga Khan University, says that to prevent corona virus, it is important to know that nulvul krona is a human-transmitted disease. Which transmits any healthy person through the eyes, nose and mouth of the affected person.

Speaking to Voice of America, Dr. Faisal said the initial symptoms of the Corona virus include fever, cough, and body aches. However, breathing difficulties have also been observed in case of illness.

According to , the symptoms can be severe in people already suffering from the disease.

Is this a disease of the elderly only?

It was believed that only older people might be infected with the disease. Dr. Faisal Mehmood has termed this notion as baseless

said that older people are definitely being affected. Because they lack strength. Therefore, any person whose immune system is not strong. May suffer from this disease. After all, it is wrong for people of any age to imagine that they can survive the disease without taking precautionary measures.

There is currently no Corona virus medicine

Dr Faisal says scientific research is currently underway to defeat the Corona virus worldwide. But preparation of this medication can take time.

According to them, how long will the vaccine be finally ready and usable. It’s premature to talk about it.

They say that in the present case, to say that one drug used in the present era is better than another drug. Not the right opinion.

According to the principles laid down on the scientific basis against crying because there is no cure. This is why rumors have taken to social media.

Dr. Faisal says there is no cure for the disease. But to imagine that to happen is to die, not to exaggerate.

According to them, the human body is on average immune to protein-rich foods. Including meat, eggs and pulses. It can be cured without any medication.

Dr. Faisal says the problem is most often caused by complications from pre-existing illnesses. Which can lead to further problems with decreased immune function. A good diet can help prevent this disease. Getting seven to eight hours of sleep daily is also essential to maintaining physical health in these conditions.

‘Self-isolation is essential’

Dr. Faisal Mehmood says the number of people infected with the virus is increasing rapidly worldwide. Therefore, it is very important to change some daily habits. This includes touching the mouth, face, and eyes. Because the pathogens of the disease enter the body through these pathways

He added that in addition to maintaining sanitation to prevent this deadly disease, people must be kept at least six feet away. Because the transmission of the virus from person to person can be prevented in the same way.

They mean ‘social distancing’ or distance from people. Although shaking hands or hugging people in our community values ​​and mortgages is a common practice. But in the present case it is necessary to give up. coronavirus

Dr Faisal further said that it was necessary to get out of the house in case of compulsion so as to avoid the virus as far as possible.

It is important to note that most medical experts agree that there is a need to reduce the risk of Crohn’s virus and its health. While taking precautionary measures, it is possible to fight the disease and win.

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