Can hiccups be a new symptom of the corona virus?

There have been a number of symptoms of the coronavirus-borne cod disease so far, the most common of which are fever, sore throat, difficulty breathing, and loss of sense of smell and taste, but experts say Persistent hiccups can also be a sign of coronavirus.

According to American doctors, they treated a 62-year-old patient a few days ago who was admitted to the hospital due to hiccups for 4 consecutive days.

Doctors said the patient had no symptoms other than hiccups and no signs of corona infection.

Doctors examined the patient’s X-rays and found that his lungs were in a bad condition, as the lungs were inflamed and bleeding, although the patient had never had a lung problem in the past.

Later, the patient also developed a fever. During this time, the doctors tested him for the code 19 virus and he tested positive.

Doctors said the CT scan showed more inflammation of the patient’s lungs, which they said was the cause of the hiccups.

According to US experts, this is the first Corona patient to be admitted to the emergency ward due to hiccups.

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