Australia allows foreign students to return

This will be the first time a flight full of foreign students has arrived in Canberra next month, following travel restrictions imposed in Australia following the outbreak of the global coronavirus.

For the first time since the ban on foreigners arrives, 350 students will set foot on Australian soil.

Australia imposed a lockdown ban in March, allowing only its citizens and those with a permanent residence permit to return to the country. But it was necessary

Under the orders, foreigners were barred from entering Australia.

Implementing a new plan approved by the Australian Capital Authority, regional authorities in Canberra have arranged a chartered flight, which will likely bring international students studying at the university from Singapore. Foreign students have been asked to arrive at the airport on the scheduled date for the flight.

Those arriving on a chartered flight will be required to spend 14 days in quarantine before leaving for their educational institutions. You will be allowed to resume your education.

University of Canberra Vice Chancellor and President Paddy Nixon says the university will strictly enforce health regulations.

Education is one of Australia’s biggest sources of income, generating billions of dollars in foreign exchange each year. However, the sector has suffered a major setback due to the ban on Cove 19.

However, it is now expected that the pilot program will pave the way for a large return of students in the coming months.

The highest number of foreign students at Australia’s international universities is Chinese students, about a third of the total.

Earlier this month, China’s Ministry of Education warned that the country was no longer a safe haven for Chinese students following the outbreak of the Corona epidemic in Wuhan and ethnic violence in Australia. The Canberra government has said that a limited number of cowards were involved in the violence.

The number of coronavirus patients in Australia is around 7,400 and there have been 102 deaths.

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